Curriculum Vitae


Scientific Career

Part-time work

  • since 10/2019 Visiting lecturer
    School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science (University of Hertfordshire)

    Guest lectures and tutorials in computer science, ethics

  • 09/2008 - 10/2006 Research assistant
    Applied Informatics (Bielefeld University),
    Flobi - A reconfigurable, anthropomorphic robot head; Exploration of Robust Bi-Manual Interaction (ERBI); Deutsche Service-Robotik-Initiative (DESIRE)

    Programming human-robot interaction software and devices

  • 03/2012 - 08/2004 Student tutor
    Faculty of Technology (Bielefeld University)

    Courses in algorithms and data structures, project development, computer vision, and pattern recognition


  • 02/2015 - 01/2009 Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)
    Bielefeld University, Faculty of Technology,
    Doctorate programme Intelligent systems

    Final grade very good

  • 01/2009 - 10/2006 Master of Science (M.Sc.)
    Bielefeld University, Faculty of Technology,
    Masters programme Intelligent systems

    Final grade 1.1

  • 09/2006 - 10/2003 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
    Bielefeld University, Faculty of Technology,
    Bachelors programme Bioinformatics and genome research

    Final grade 1.5

  • 07/2003 - 08/1994 Abitur (3 A-Levels)
    Thomas-Morus Gymnasium, Oelde

    Final grade 1.8




Scientific Activities

Event organisation

Invited talks

  • 11/2022 Robot House - Home to human-robot interaction
    Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg,
    Advanced Topics in AI and Robotics Seminar

  • 07/2022 How AI-driven technology can help solve issues facing global food security
    Times Higher Education,
    THE Campus round table discussion

  • 07/2022 Human-robot interaction research at Robot House
    Heriot-Watt University,
    Interaction Lab, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
    Edinburgh, UK

  • 10/2020 Human-robot interaction research at Robot House
    National Health Service (NHS),
    Graduate management trainee scheme IAG

  • 10/2019 Human-robot interaction research at Robot House
    University of Oslo,
    Multimodal Elderly Care Systems (MECS) project closing
    Oslo, Norway

  • 12/2017 The Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment - Interaction Concepts
    University of Hertfordshire,
    Computer Science Research Colloquium
    Hatfield, UK

  • 10/2017 The Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment - Interaction Concepts
    Workshop Multicentric Interaction with Smart Homes and Home Robots,
    International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (HAI)
    Bielefeld, Germany


Guest Editorials


  • Proposals: EPSRC Fellowship, NWO Talent Programme "Vici"

  • Doctoral theses: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

  • Journals: Paladyn - Journal of Behavioral Robotics (4), International Journal of Social Robotics (26), Interaction Studies (3), MDPI Robotics (2), Robotics and Automation Letters (1), User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (2)

  • Conferences: Conference on Human Factors in Computing (1), International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction (4), International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (7), Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (1), International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (1), International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (3), UK-RAS Conference for PhD and Early-Career Researchers (7), International Conference on Social Robotics (4), International Conference on Development and Learning (1)

  • Book chapters: TU Wien Academic Press


Teaching and supervision

    • since 09/2021 (Doctoral project): End-user personalisation of social/companion robot for long-term engagement (working title)
    • since 01/2021 (Doctoral project): Human Activity Detection in Ambient Assisted Living Scenarios (working title)
    • since 04/2019 (Doctoral project): Human Activity Detection in Ambient Assisted Living Scenarios (working title)
    • 09/2017 (M.Sc. thesis): Goal-driven competitive behaviors as an intelligent home control
    • 11/2013 (M.Sc. thesis): Analysing Human-Human Behaviour in Shared Space for Improving Human-Robot Interaction
    • 08/2011 (B.Sc. thesis): Automatisches Akquirieren Visueller Training Sets für Erkennungsalgorithmen
    • 04/2011 (M.Sc. thesis): An Online Stereo Calibration System for Humanoid Robots demonstrated on the iCub Platform

    • 2021 (A), 2020 (A) : Legal and Ethical Practice Exercise
    • since 2019 (C) : Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science

    • Su. 2015 : Social robotics
    • Su. 2012 : Applied speech processing
    • Su. 2011 : Vision for 3D - 3D for vision
    • Su. 2010 : Image-based tracking methods
    • Wi. 2009 : Spatial interaction between humans and robots

    • since 2019 (C) : Advanced Research Topics in Computer Science
    • Wi. 2012, Wi. 2011 : Musterklassifikation (pattern recognition)
    • Su. 2011 : Computer Vision
    • Wi. 2010 : Bildverarbeitung (image processing)
    • Su. 2006, Wi. 2005 : Techniken der Projektentwicklung I & II (project development)
    • Wi. 2005 : Unix Praktikum (applied basic Unix)
    • Su. 2005, Wi. 2004 : Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen I & II (algorithms & data structures)

Additional Qualifications

Extracurricular education and training

  • 07/2011 VVV RobotCub (Summer School)
    Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
    Sestri Levante, Italy

  • 10/2010 Structure of Cognitive Motion (Summer School)
    Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC)
    Bielefeld, Germany

  • 01/2008 Human-Robot Interaction (Winter School)
    FP6 Project Cognitive Robot Companion (COGNIRON)
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    • since 05/2019 : Fire warden (Fire Warden and Fire Marshal Training)
    • since 04/2018 : First aider (First Aid at Work Certificate)
    • 10/2018 : Research Degrees Supervision Training
    • since 10/2017 : Ethics reviewer for Health, Science, Engineering and Technology (HSET) ECDA
    • 07/2011 : Überzeugend Präsentieren (how to give convincing presentations)
    • 07/2009 : Academic Writing in English
    • 06/2009 : Project- and Self-management in a Ph.D. program

Further experience

  • Scientific: Social robotics (non-verbal signalling, trust and social credibility), Systems integration (interaction architectures, coordination and arbitration)

  • Technologies: Distributed Systems (ROS, Yarp, RSB), Software Engineering (Netbeans, Linux), Collaboration (GitLab, GitHub)

  • Programming: Java, Python, C++, LaTeX, R, Matlab, Bash

  • Languages: German, English