Patrick very recently joined Kerstin Dautenhahn as a research fellow in the Adaptive Systems research group at the University of Hertfordshire. Thereby, he is primarily concerned with the robot house as a research facility.

Until September 2017, he was employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the cluster of excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) and a member of the Cognitive systems engineering group, led by Sebastian Wrede. His primary research focus lied within the context of the large-scale project Cognitive service robotics apartment, where he is occupied with the coordination and arbitration of functional components and resources of the apartment as well as its residential robots. Furthermore, Patrick is deeply involved in the design of interactive scenarios and experimental set-ups.

In February 2015 Patrick received his Ph.D. on the topic of an Integrated concept of spatial awareness which has been supervised and reviewed by Sven Wachsmuth and Giorgio Metta. His thesis originates from research conducted in the Applied Informatics Group and SFB 673 Alignment in Communication at Bielefeld University.
Thereby, he has been working on the ‘Cognitive Robotics’ part, developing the Receptionist scenario, as a member of the project Interaction space (C1). His research interest within the project has been focused on Human Robot Interaction, particularly social communication signs in the spatial dimension.

Patrick also received the master’s degree in computer science from Bielefeld University, in January 2009. The topic of his thesis was ‘Proxemics for a Social Robot’, which was supervised by Marc Hanheide, Ingo L├╝tkebohle, and Julia Peltason